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Indifferent to geographic location, industry or operation size, business owners with fleet services are focused in 2 main value dimensions - more productivity and profitability of available resources.Technology can help on this daily mission, connecting decision making regarding people, processes and vehicles.

To improve company's performance maintaining maximum operations control, Quatenus develops Fleet Management Services solutions. Included in all Fleet Edition product range, Quatenus turns available a multi-screen platform (web, mobile, tablet) where management benefits an exhaustive knowledge of vehicle usage, sets performance standards and takes total activity control.

All this in a simple way, real-time, using reports and dashboards that save precious  time to field services teams to focus in delivering a service of excellence to all client base.

Quatenus Fleet Edition in 6 attributes

(1.) Real-time localisation;

(2.) Past activity analysis;

(3.) Usage costs control;

(4.) Dynamic configuration of events and alerts;

(5.) Advanced telematics;

(6.) Usage rate optimization.

This is just a sample of Quatenus advantages. Know more about Quatenus Fleet Edition here.

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